Our clients are people who have worked hard, saved, paid off their house, but find that they just don't quite have enough to retire the way they want to. We can help!

You've done a great job building equity in your house. Like you, most of our clients have worked hard, paid off their home, and still have a lot of living left to do. However, many find themselves needing a little more money every month during retirement. Maybe there are things you haven't crossed off your bucket list yet, or you are not able to retire because you just don't have enough income every month.

Complete our Client Questionnaire to see if you can use your equity for retirement.

We are happy to work with:

People who want more out of their retirement

after all, you have worked hard your whole life! Now it is time to have fun, enjoy your hobbies, travel, eat wonderful food, Live a little!

People who are serious

about using the equity they have built in their home to enhance the quality of the rest of their life.

People who would like professional help

in creating an equity dispersement plan that treats them with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

NO gimmicks, NO hidden clauses, NO baloons, NO repayments. Read more below

who we help

Do you need a more money each month?

Maybe you haven't actually retired yet because you can't make the math "work" or you have retired but you find that there isn't enough in the budget to do what you really want to do.

We're here to help! Let us help you structure a Reverse-Rent-For-Life deal that gives you the lifestyle that you've worked so hard for, by using the equity that you have built in your house, and you never have to move.

young professional

Do you want an Upfront Equity Payment?

Perhaps you dream of travelling or taking up a hobby

The optional upfront equity payment allows you to receive a one-time lump sum payment from your equity at the beginning of your Reverse-Rent-For-Life lease. Use the money for anything you would like.

business owner

Do you want a Move-Out Equity Payment?

The optional move-out equity payment is a safety net, in case you decide that it is necessary to move to an assisted-living environment.

Some clients decide to err on the side of caution and reserve some of the equity in their homes in case they might need it later.
Don't worry, even if you move out of the house, you still get every dollar of the Reverse-Rent-For-Life monthly payments.

new family

Do you want to make a Bequeath / Bequest?

The optional Bequeath / Bequest equity payment is made upon your death to whomever you specify.

Perhaps you would like to leave something for your heirs or make a bequest to an organiztion that is near and dear to your heart. With a Reverse-Rent-For-Life deal, this Bequeath / Bequest payment is made automatically based on your wishes. There is no probate or executorship, no delays. Your beneficiaries already have enough to deal with at this hard time.

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Do you need help around the house?

Our team includes Administrative Staff, Property Managers, Maids / Housekeepers, and more.

We are here to help. Reverse-Rent-For-Life deals include access to our team of service providers. Our clients benefit from our administrative staff, who take over paying all property related bills such as Property Taxes, Hazard Insurance, HOA Fees, etc. Every client is assigned a Property Manager who can help with one-time maintenance issues (like a water heater replacement), or even recurring maintenance (like yard mowing, cleaning services, etc). We are even happy to coordinate with home healthcare workers if that is something you need.

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Do you need Mortgage Relief?

Even if you don't own your home "free-and-clear", we might be able to eliminate your mortgage payment.

Depending our your specific financial situation and the equity in your house, a Reverse-Rent-For-Life deal might be able to take over your mortgage payments. Fill out the Client Questionnaire to see what we can do.

enjoying retirement
of Americans own their home "Free and Clear"

Great Job!! You must have made sacrifices and been disciplined. Now those sacrifices can pay you back using our Reverese-Rent-For-Life product.

Source: Bloomberg

is the Average Social Security Payment

Many Americans can't live on this payment alone. As a result 13% re-enter the work force because the "need more money" or need to "save more for retirement".

Source: New York Post & AARP