It's Your house, so you set the terms of the deal!

With Reverse-Mortgages the bank is in control of the deal. They dictate closing costs, interest rates, repayment guidelines, and even terms for foreclosure of the property! Many banks demand payment when you move out of the house, even in cases where it is medically necessary. This means you are dealing with selling the house or paying back the loan at the worst possible time. If you die while still living at home, your heirs have to step in and handle probate for your property paying the bank back or in rare cases getting foreclosed if the property doesn't have enough equity left to cover the remaining fees.

BE PROACTIVE! Negotiate the deal now so you are covered for the rest of retirement! With Reverse-Rent-For-Life YOU decide the terms of the deal. After all, it is your house and you know your situation better then anyone. Many retirees maximize the monthly equity payment so they receive the largest monthly income possible; however, there are many other options. Perhaps you would like an Optional Upfront Equity Payment so you can travel or persue a hobby. Perhaps you are concerned about the cost of moving to a nursing home down the road. An Optional Move-Out Equity Payment can help with that. Maybe you want to leave something for your heirs. An Optional Bequeath / Bequest Equity Payment can be made immediately after your death, bypassing the probate process. Best of all, even with these Optional Equity payments, you still get the monthly Reverse-Rent-For-Life payments even after you move out of the house.


Best of all You Are Protected:

  • Your Reverse-Rent-For-Life is locked in and can't change.
  • We manage the deal from start to finish, escrowing the monthly payments, fees, etc
  • We pay the Property Taxes and Hazard Insurance.
  • We have Property Management available if something at the house needs repair.
  • When you die, we facilitate the transition of your house to the buyer / investor and equity payments to your heirs without the need for probate.