We trace our roots back to 2007, when a group of real-estate investors got together to buy rental properties.

The mission was simple. Provide a reasonable place for someone to live at a fair market price.

Over the last 12 years, that is exactly what we have done. We have bought and sold various properties including single-family and small apartment houses. We have analyzed several hundred deals learning from past mistakes, and built an "organic understanding" of the real-estate market through hard work.

Milestones In Our History

Starting in 2007, our goal was simple... buy and manager rental properties.

The beginning

A couple of real-estate investors had an idea to start a private investment "club." This eventually turned into a partnership.

First Property Acquisition

After a couple of years of planning, searching, scouting, saving, etc we finally found a property and purchased it as a long-term rental.

Weathering the Storm

Real-Estate markets can fluxuate impacting rents, property prices, etc. Deals must be structured to take this into account. Properties CANNOT be over-leveraged or the lean times will destroy what you are working to build. This was one of the many lessons we learned over the years.

Getting the Right Team in Place

Managing Real-estate requires a team of professionals. It has taken us years to get the "right people in the right places" to handle property management, accounting, taxes, insurance, sales and marketing, etc

Planning for Tomorrow

During the past 12 -18 months several queries have been made by retirees about how to use the equity in their homes, so we start investigating what is out there in the marketplace...


Once we started looking, we couldn't turn away...

The reality of Retirement in America is scary!

  • An estimated 83.8% of Americans will fall short of what they need for retirement.
  • The average Social Security payout of $1,420 per month, may not be enough.
  • Existing equity products for retirees are dangerous and complicated!

We decided to put our heads together and see if we could come up with a better strategy for retirees.

Reverse-Rent-For-Life is the Solution!