Our mission is to utilize the knowledge, systems, and services we have spent a decade building to help people who are struggling with retirement.

After analyzing hundreds of real-estate deals and working with several clients reviewing options such as "downsizing your home," "getting a reverse mortgage," and "having your child acquire your mortgage" we come to the same conclusion that you might have: There has got to be a better way!

We set out to solve the problems that many retirees face.

  • How can you tap into the equity in your home without disrupting the life that you have built?
  • How can you provide for income stability over the next 10 - 30 years?
  • How can you maximize the value of your investment while minimizing the various risks?
  • How can you protect yourself from banks and / or investors over-leveraging the property?
  • How can you protect again tax leins or insurance coverage gaps?

Once we identified the issues that many retirees face, we made it our job to solve them.
Our Reverse-Rent-For-Life product is the result.

about us
Our Philosophy.

We are here to help retirees by making them renters again.

This means we take over as your landlords.

We pay the bills, handle taxes, even have a maintenance department.

Learn About Our Approach

Our Core Values

We have three core values which form the basis for everything we do

Market Insight

Let our experience help guide you to the best deal.

Free Review — We provide free analysis of your specific situation, and assist with setting the terms of your deal.

Paid on Success — We only get paid once you have found a buyer / investor and have a deal in place.

No proprietary products — Our products are based on existing real-estate laws. We simply add some extra terms to protect you, us, and the buyer/investor you select.


Collaborative Investing

We do not borrow money against your house to finance your deal.

Independant Buyers / Investors — By working with independant buyers/investors, we are builing a collaborative deal, a "Win/Win" where you get a steady source of income and the buyer / investor gets a good deal on your property.

Third-Party Oversight — We're your watchdog. We ensure that everyone is maintaining their part of the deal in "good faith." We step in if the buyer / investor is not paying or if the property is not being maintained, etc.



Serving you with a long-standing team of professionals with rich business backgrounds

Professional Coordination — We coordinate with Accountants, Estate Attorneys, Tax Professionals, Insurance Agents, Property Managers and other professionals necessary to give you the best service and advice.

Long-time, stable team — Our team has worked together for over 10 years.


Our purpose is to treat people with the dignity and respect they have earned while providing the services and income they need throughout their retirement.

Adrian Brownthe Founder of Reverse-Rent-For-Life.