We're here to ensure that your investment lasts the FULL duration of your retirement, and that means supporting you throughout the years ahead.

Through collabortive investing everyone wins! We are here for the long-term to ensure that everyone involved in the deal is doing their part and to address the concerns that are likely to arise at some point throughout your retirement.

Third-Party Protection

This is a long-term collaborative investment meaning that we are here to help safeguard you and your property.

Escalating Property Taxes

When you become a renter, the landlord becomes responsible for property taxes.

Market Fluctuations

The terms of your Reverse-Rent-For-Life deal are set at the beginning of the deal, insulating you from market fluctuations throughout your retirement.

Investor Liquidity Problems

We escrow one full year of the Reverse-Rent-For-Life monthly equity payments, and the terms of the investment protect you from liquidity problems.

Medical Expenses

An Optional Upfront or Move-Out Equity Payment can be used to pay medical expenses.

Hazard Insurance

Hazard insurance is paid by the lardlord, though we do recommend a renters policy for your possessions.

Outliving the Retirement Savings

Withdrawing principal from a retirement account carries the risk of outliving the retirement, Reverse-Rent-For-Life is fixed and set for life.

We also protect you from various forms of elder fraud.

By entering into a Reverse-Rent-For-Life deal, you are less of a target for these common scams.

Public Records Searches

Scammers search for properties that are "free and clear" to target retirees, Reverse-Rent-For-LIfe removes your property from these lists.


The terms of your Reverse-Rent-For-Life deal are private, and we maintain that privacy throughout your retirement.

Fradulent Leins

All Maintenance on the property is managed through us through our maintenance department.


We are here to review any issue that arises with the property so you can be sure that it is legitimate.

Let's get Started

Complete a No-obligation and no-cost client questionnaire to see how your Reverse-Rent-For-Life Deal could be structured.

Review your Equity

Our customer account team and property managers can review the equity in your house in minutes and give you an estimate on what you Reverse-Rent-For-Life Monthly Equity Payment could be.

Determine Equity Breakdown

We can help you plan for the monthly and / or optional upfront / move-out / and bequest equity payments taking into account your specific situation.

Collaborative Investment

Once an investor is found, we create a Win/Win deal where they buy your house over time, and we ensure everyone meets their obligations.

Enjoy Yourself

Start receiving your Reverse-Rent-For-Life Monthly Equity Payments in as little as 30 days.

Don't Wait... Get a Reverse-Rent-For-Life Deal in place today so you can start enjoying retirement and still have peace of mind for the future.