Ready to Retire?

... but don't have enough monthly income?

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Want to Travel?

.... but just need a little more cash.

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The Equity is yours

... you earned it!
We can help you tap into it.

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Stay in your house, get paid every month, for the rest of your life.

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We offer Reverse-Rent-For-Life! A completely new way to use the equity in your house as a life-long income stream through a monthly "reverse rent" payment WITHOUT having to give up your home.

Not a Reverse Mortgage!

We are not a bank. We put YOU first!

  • You are in control of the deal, you set the terms, we find you the investor.
  • Use the equity in your house as a lifetime income stream.
  • No Upfront costs. In fact you can select an optional Upfront Equity Payment.
  • If you decide to move, you may select an optional Move-Out Equity Payment.
  • Leave money for your heirs through an optional Bequest Equity Payment.
  • We work for you; We pay property taxes and hazard insurance.
  • We provide Property Management and Mainteance services upon request.
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How to Get Started?

Become a Renter in your own home today! It is a simple three-step process.

Initial meeting

We will analyze the market, and your specific situation and setup a time to review your options.

We find you an investor

...and we manage your property for as long as you live there, protecting your rights.